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Today’s investment landscape is complex and highly regulated, which makes it challenging to identify and take advantage of investment opportunities. At Novare, we simplify fund selection and asset allocation by continuously researching, selecting and monitoring funds and fund managers on your behalf.

By outsourcing certain investment decisions to a reputable multi-manager like Novare, you have more time to focus on your clients and their financial planning needs. Our award-winning multi-manager approach is well positioned to assist you in fulfilling your commitments in an increasingly regulated environment.

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We simplify the investment process by researching, selecting and monitoring fund managers on your behalf. This ultimately gives you more time to focus on your clients and their financial needs. Our active investment approach and risk management process allows us to consistently deliver superior long-term returns at appropriate levels of risk.

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Having operated in the offshore multi-manager space for over a decade, we have an extensive network of global asset managers and our offshore capabilities span across various asset classes. Truly independent, we offer access to a unique range of offshore fund managers not typically accessible to South African investors.

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