About Novare

Founded in 2000, Novare is one of South Africa’s leading independent financial services groups. We initially began on our journey as an independent advisory business offering tailored financial advice.

Rand Rally To Fire On Or Fizzle Out?

The strong performance in higher yielding equity and bond assets has spilled over to currency performance; this has resulted in a boost for commodity and emerging market currencies. Following a decline of over 25% against the USD in 2015 for the local unit, the Rand reversed the negative trend observed last year to arise as one of the super stars of emerging market currencies.

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SA dodges downgrade for now

Last week ended with a welcome sigh of relief with Standard & Poor’s (S&P), one of the major global rating agencies, announcing its decision not to downgrade South Africa’s credit rating to junk status.

First quarter confirms local and international markets are under pressure

The first three months of the year have seen equity markets experience their worst start to a year on record. This was “fuelled” by the ever-dwindling oil price, while concerns over economic growth in China did the markets no favours either. Investors found their only hiding place in developed market government bonds, which coincidentally offered the worst risk/reward profile. And yet, despite the blood on the floor, there is still money to be made and reason for optimism.

Why every investor should think about adding offshore investments to their portfolio

The recent volatility of the rand, with experts predicting further weakness, as well as extended low growth in local markets, has led many investors to cast their eyes offshore. No investment should be made on sentiment or emotion alone, so what exactly constitutes a considered approach to offshore investing?

Novare reviews Equity Market for Business Day

Investors grew used to unprecedented low volatility levels in financial markets from 2012 until 2015. This was due to synchronised monetary policy stimulus from the major central banks.

In an emerging market context, South Africa is not the most rotten apple in the basket

Economic growth of less than 1% is bound to feel like recession for the South African consumer that is facing high debt levels, rising interest rates and higher inflation.

Crisis of confidence grips financial markets

Investors fixated by the latest data releases instead of the broader trend.

Novare launches South Africa's first retail hedge fund

Independent investment pioneers, Novare, is proud to announce the launch of South Africa’s first retail fund of hedge funds product.

South Africa´s first retail hedge funds due early next year

Novare CIS has been granted regulatory approval to launch South Africa’s first retail hedge funds under the new legal dispensation introduced in February this year, resulting in hedge funds being regulated under the Collective Investments Schemes Control Act (CISCA) that encompasses unit trusts.