Individual Investors

The South African investment space can be complex – not only for seasoned investors but especially for new investors faced with the hundreds of unit trusts to choose from. At Novare, we do the research and navigate the tricky world of investments on your behalf to help you make sound investment decisions.

Our expertise and thorough research process enable us to select high-quality fund managers on your behalf. These funds are then blended into a single multi-manager fund and actively monitored by the Novare team.

We identify fund managers with different talents and strengths and allow them the freedom to focus on their areas of expertise. This approach enables us to help you diversify your overall investment portfolio and benefit from consistent investment returns. More importantly, our insights and long-standing track record allow us to offer some of the most innovative and cost-effective multi-manager fund solutions in the country.

“Our 18-year track record in managing money has allowed us to maintain one of the best client retention rates in the country.”

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Novare’s wide range of multi-manager funds and products.

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Minimum Disclosure Document (MDD) documents contain information related to each fund’s objectives, risk profile, performance and fees.

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